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Your Winter Tires are the one thing between your car and the pavement. As the seasons change and the temperatures approach the freezing mark the “all season tire” rubber will begin to stiffen. The benefit of a “winter tire” is the flexibility of the tire compounds when temperatures drop and the channels in the tread design that help evacuate slush. Winter tires will increase your traction, breaking, and handling.

All-season tires are designed with both winter and summer conditions in mind but they do not offer maximum performance in either season. Whether you drive an “all-wheel drive” “4WD” or “two- wheel drive” when it comes to stopping and cornering in freezing temperatures winter tires are a must for you and your family’s safety.

As many people are aware they will have to replace all-season tires at least once during a 3 to 4 year ownership period. They normally prefer replacing worn all-seasons with another identical new set. Consider having your all seasons last longer.